YouTube & Google BAN Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and ICO Ads

YouTube & Google BAN Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and ICO Ads

Today (March 14th) Google updated their TOS announcing they will no longer allow any king of cryptocurrency related advertising on any of their platforms including YouTube. As many of you guys know this is already the case with Facebook and Instagram. What’s next? I discus it in this video.

I think Bootube and Gargle and Facebutt are all communistic fascist organizations bent on the destruction of anything they disagree with or cannot control. We need an alternative access port to these sick companies. IMO.

Hi Víncent, I Will be showing you videos with friends if that helps man.. Traing to make you famous 0x10a0b6f6c5085ef318f13639867fc844471740d8

Can't you just do ads for blockchain technology in general? I'm thinking that if you don't do ads for specific coins it shouldn't be an issue.

They may make up some reasons, but basicly it's centralized services VS decentralized services.
2018 is the year i start changing to decentralized services. Already startet to fully use lunyr for any crypto-related informations. Search-Function is a bit late, but despite that, it's great!
Looking for Facebook, Twitter and Search-Engine Alternatives, wan't to be fully switched until end of 2020.

Best are autonomous decentralized systems no one can stop, censor and where community can make the rules. That's the future, in my opinion.

i kinda agree and mostly no..
1) i hate all ads…but
2).. i destest censorship…
now facebook, youtube and google will push their liberal narrative and agenda..
now the adds are basiclly promoting american terrorism.
"cry if you dont get your way book"
its time to leave social media .. or find a new one … steem it?.. but the interface is fucked..or im stupid.. society makes me sad. send electronic hugs in the form of

There are other search engines out there. Someone could even create a crypto specific search engine. Hmm, now that I think about it, that's not a bad idea. I just need a web developer or two and a server in every country (probably better to build it on top of an existing blockchain instead of going down the legacy route).

censorship aint gona stop crypto! its clearly a threat for the establishment… you dont need to advertise… just keep talking about crypto

Call me crazy but I think it's because Facebook and Google are in with the banks. Tai Lopez doesn't threaten the banking system but crypto does.

Do you think that youtube & google will exist in 5 years time when a blockchain version of these censored apps comes along? That is why they are trying to discredit it at every turning. De-centralised platforms where the people choose what content can & can't be shown. That's what I learned at a blockchain convention last week end.

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