Marcelo – Smart Cryptocurrency Mining Technology

Marcelo - Smart Cryptocurrency Mining Technology

Marcelo - Smart Cryptocurrency Mining Technology

Our vision is to construct UK’s most advanced and large scale cryptocurrency mining facility based on
Eco-Friendly and efficient technologies. Crypto mining is highly profitable when done on a large scale
and it’s essentially turning electricity into digital assets. In the past two years we’ve gained skills and
knowledge that are necessarily to expand our mining operation. We are also developing software
Marcelomrl.1.0. which is specifically designed to minimize operational as well as electricity costs and
maximize GPU power to make our rigs even more beneficial and eco-friendly in the future. Those three
things: knowledge, skills and Marcelomrl.1.0 software will make Marcelo one of the most advantageous
mining farms on the planet. In order to attain our goals on our road map, we will be raising the funds to
expand our mining farm through a token sale.

Marcelo Token MRL
Price and Token Supply
● Ticker symbol: MRL
● Standard ERC-20 Token, 18 decimals
● Smart Contract Source Code Verified
● Token price 0.001 ETH
● Minimum purchase 0.01 ETH
● Maximum purchase 100 ETH
● Total Supply: 250 million— Limited Supply! — no more after that!
How to buy MRL Tokens
You can buy it on
Marcelo Mining Token (MMT)
Price and Token Supply
● Ticker symbol: MMT
● Standard ERC-20 Token, 18 decimals
● Smart Contract Source Code Verified
● Token price FREE if you purchase Marcelo MRL
● Total Supply: 250 million— Limited Supply! — no more after that!

How to get MMT Tokens
When you buy Marcelo MRL token you will also get MarceloMining Token MMT for FREE as a reward
for your investment.
If you Buy 100 Marcelo MRL token you will get also 100 MarceloMining Token MMT
Marcelo ICO
Marcelo ICO is NOT your typical “ICO” with just a white paper and a website. We believe that
cryptocurrency mining should be decentralized, democratic and evenly distributed operation – one that
is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from it.
The Marcelo MRL Token can be classified as a security in most jurisdictions. In compliance US security
laws, holding a token is strictly limited to three categories of investors:
1. Investors who do not hold a US passport
2. Are not in possession of a US Green Card
3. Have no residence in the United States
Accredited investors under the US Securities Act, Regulation D, Rule 506, i.e. investors with a networth
of more than $1m, excluding their primary residence, or with a net income of more than $200.000 (if
married a combined income of $300.000).
SEC guidelines concerning Regulation D, Rule 506(c) demand that the issuer undertakes „reasonable
steps“ to secure that investors meet the above mentioned criteria. In the Marcelo ICO we apply the SEC
safe harbour verification: investors have to submit a scanned confirmation by a securities attorney or
certified public accountant that the investor is indeed verified as accredited. If such confirmation is not
submitted funds already transferred shall be returned to the investors ETH wallet.

ICO Distribution
The majority of MRL tokens will be proportionally distributed among ICO investors, team members and
future employees, airdrops and funds secure.

ICO Goals, Limits and Fund Distribution
Our goal is to raise 500 ETH (soft cap) with no Maximum. The main ICO sale will last for 30 days, after
that ICO will close at that moment and no additional funds will be accepted. ICO backers are not
entitled to any refunds.
The proceeds of the tokens sale will be allocated to mining equipment, infrastructure, marketing, funds
secure, operations, legal and advisory fees.

Investment Opportunity:
MMT Rewards Scheme
Marcelo offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money. If you Buy 100 Marcelo MRL tokens you
will also get 100 MarceloMining Token MMT. The MMT token holders will be rewarded with dividends of
profit sharing in the form of Ethereum every Month. These dividend payouts are done by Smart Contract
using the Ethereum Blockchain technology, and are done according to the rules in both smart contracts
themselves and the company rules. The amount of dividend is a pro-rata share of the tokens held by our
token holders at the time of dividend declaration.
The dividends are calculated yearly and paid out monthly in Ethereum. Starts 3 months after main ICO
sale ends .This reward is ONLY available for Holders of MMT tokens. If you Buy Marcelo MRL token
between 17.02-27.05.2018 and you HOLD MMT in your ETH wallet you will be rewarded for it!
Buy Back Scheme
MMT Buy Back Scheme is ONLY available for Holders of MMT tokens. If you Buy Marcelo MRL token
between 17.02-27.05.2018 and you HOLD MMT in your ETH wallet you can sell it back to us, 6 months
after main ICO sale ends.
Available on exchanges
ICO Marcelo MRL token will be listed and traded on exchanges 30 days after main ICO ends.
We hope that in this way, a long term source of income will be available to our token holders, therefore
also increasing the capital value of our token itself. Marcelo MRL token is a unit of value in a system. It
carries its value for its entire lifetime, the same as a Dollar or Bitcoin. When you spend the token,
someone else gets it and can then spend it again or take it to an exchange to trade for something else
just as other cryptocurrencies.

Smart Cryptocurrency Mining
Reducing Mining equipment cost
We have access to the world’s lowest priced mining hardware by eliminating the middleman and
distribution cost. We are the only cryptocurrency mining farm – not affected by issues like hardware
shortages or shipping cost.

The economics of Marcelo Mining Operation
-ECO friendly cryptocurrency mining will be the core of our business and will be utilising the most
advanced and efficient mining rigs. We also aim to attain higher profitability through the usage of
cheap renewable energy sources. The operating costs in United Kingdom are much cheaper than many
other countries, thus giving us another edge in terms of profit margins and profitability. We believe in
total accountability and full transparency of our mining hash power and ROI to our token holders.
-Less power consumption and increase profit potential will be achieved by reducing power consumption
on our mining rigs. Our mining farm electricity usage is comparable to average industrial company.
-Keeping operational costs low is the only key to Marcelo success.
-Smart Maintenance -no human needed we created our own software (Marcelomrl.1.0)
-We design and build the most cost efficient mining rigs with great ROI at the lowest price.
-To maximise the profits we use Marcelomrl.1.0 software algorithm which chooses the most profitable
cryptocurrency to mine at any given time.

Marcelomrl.1.0 is the only software you need to manage your cryptocurrency mining operations. We
currently developing Marcelomrl.1.0 software for future integration into blockchain technology and
cryptocurrency mining technology. The only software you need to setup, monitor , and manage mining
facility and chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine at any given time.
Live managment and control of your rigs – hash rate, power consumption, GPUs temperature, fan speed,
mining pool switch. With Marcelo your mining farm will never let you down. If one of your miners stop
working you will get notification with all details. No human needed Marcelomrl.1.0 will automatically
detect your miners, add it to the system, and configure it to your needs.
Selling your hashing power ? No problem Marcelomrl.1.0 is fully compatible with Nice Hash.
Will be available on mobile, iPad, Linux, Windows and many more TBA.
Marcelomrl.1.0 beta is now available for developers and Marcelo partners only.
Public availability January 2020[Marcelo Website ](

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